I am extremely privileged to live on a hill in a quiet, remote part of the Yorkshire Dales.  I went to a primary school with 30 pupils in the whole school a chicken and a rabbit; it was just like a home from home.


It is my primary school I have to thank for encouraging me to sing and act - I suppose they had to find something I was good at as I am certainly not an academic. It was while at school I was asked to audition for the part of Oliver with the local Operatic Society.  That was it: I was hooked, all I could think about was my performance I just loved every moment and wanted to perform again and again.


Then came Dan Hartley, the director of Lad: A Yorkshire Story who advertised for teenagers to audition for a part in his film.  I didn't really think I stood much of a chance.  However, I was overjoyed to have been given the part.


Being in a feature film taught me so much about the film industry.  I was mentored by people who have worked in the industry for many years, many of them working on Harry Potter.  Every day was a new experience and I cherish my time with them all.  



The film 'Lad' took me to the US;  I went to Houston to collect my Gold Remi for Best Actor and met the legendry Lee Majors.  I have since received two more Best Actor awards.  I have appeared on live TV and radio.  I am now use to speaking in front of large audiences as I have been to many screenings of the film, introducing it and holding a question and answer session after the showing. 


After filming for 'Lad' finished I was 14 and at a loose end so I decided to see what it would be like on the other side of the camera, making my own short film (you can view the film by clicking on videos). I loved the making of the film; it was just the editing that did not inspire me.  I also presented my own radio programme every Saturday morning.


At 18 I moved to London to try my hand as a trainee in the video play back department working on 'Star Wars 8', 'The Commuter' and 'On Chisel Beach' which was just an amazing experience. 


I am passionate about acting and will always work hard and give my best.   I am currently looking for my next challenge so please feel free to contact me if you feel you have a suitable part for me.

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