What the Critics Say

Film Critic – www.thefilmyap.com

“Bretten Lord is a revelation as Tom. He's so naturalistic and unmannered, he seems exactly like a real boy stuck in dire circumstances rather than a movie concoction. It is astonishing to learn that this is his first film role.”


Robert Kennedy - Cranes are Flying

“The winning performance of Bretten Lord is priceless as he successfully guides this picture into a accurate recollection of childhood. Couldn't be more natural.”


Jack Smiddy - Impact

"This Character progression has to be attributed to Lord who delivers a

performance well beyond his years as he grasps the subtle nuances of the

character perfectly."


David J. Fowlie - Keeping-It-Reel, Chicago

“Newcomer Bretten Lord is extremely intuitive and assured. Comes across so effortlessly real and natural. Some of the most honest and truthful scenes I've seen all year.”


Film Critic Rachael Schwartz for Anchorage News Alaska

“It won't be a surprise if the boy who plays Tom, Bretten Lord, has success as an actor in the future.”


Film Critic Jennie Kermode from Eye For Film

“Lord a graduate of local theatre groups, handles his weighty role well, avoiding the temptation to get too earnest.”


Yorkshire Post

“Lord is an inspirational kid and a terrific charismatic natural actor.”


Film Critic Matt Cornish - Craven Herald & Pioneer

“Bretten Lord is clearly a name worth keeping an eye out for in the future, he delivers a strong performance despite the subtle complexities to his character. Bretten manages to convey Tom's insecurities, vulnerability and dashes of warmth and intelligence with the ability you'd expect from a much more experienced actor.”


Online Film Reviews – www.leedslist.com

“Newcomer Bretten Lord shines as troubled youngster Tom and his onscreen chemistry with Alan is a palpable, immensley enjoyable story.

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